hornrim_glasses (hornrim_glasses) wrote in vortexxtimes,

Disturbing developments in the world

It is with out a doubt a sad reality we are forced to live in when the members of the world are stranded in inexplicable states or find themselves trapped within their dwellings. During the Halloween festivities (which this reporter believes deserves a story all its own but could not find a kind way to utter the necessary words to express the atrocities) a group of brave souls found themsevles trapped within the household where they had been invited for a party.

The host, one Sonic, might have indeed known nothing about the houses dark secrets, but he too suffered to horrors of creatures appearing and a monster attacking all those who had joined the celebration.

One only wonders how horribly the future holidays can be altered by the place we have been forced into calling Home.

As a warning to all, be cautious what you are gifted, for indications from certain parties have already displayed that Santa Clause might not be as kind as he seems.
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