August 2nd, 2008

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By Rita Skeeter

In the last few days a series of events have lead to the transformation of various members of our society. It is believed that many present in this world join hands to attempt higher level magic normally beyond normal wizarding level, and thus baned to be performed without a license. Once more this report finds it disgraceful that so many would take it upon themselves to break the safety regulations and thus requests that some sort of action be had to keep possibly splicing and permenant fixation upon the animal forms our residents are taking. It is not clear how exactly so many individuals performed this feat over night, but what is certain is that more and more are doing so each day.

Through the night cries and calls of pain can be heard by those who have performed this illegal magical move, and no doubt a cure must be found or those who have succeeded and now are unable to change back become confused with livestock and are thus consumed as someone's dinner.