soscaptain (soscaptain) wrote in vortexxtimes,

SOS Brigade News

What's up people!
It looks like we have a very sad excuse for a newspaper, so I have taken it upon myself as the leader of the SOS Brigde to bring you the news on anything strange or mysterious that might happen here. True this place is crazy but it's also really cool how stuff like this just happens.

So, This weeks report. Dinosaur!

A mama stegosaurus and her babies are taking a stroll down the street! There was also a T-rex fighting off some people in front of the hotel, and a few others running around chasing people. Everyone should be careful that they don't end up as someone's dinner, because it'll probably hurt, and as cool as it would be to live and die by dinosaur attack, that'd be the end.

Haruhi Suzumiya~ Ultra Detective.
Tags: dinosaur
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