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vortexxtimes's Journal

News Community for VortexxWorld
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The news system for VortexxWorld. VortexxTimes brings to you the inhabitation of VortexxWorld, the news you need to know.

Writer: hornrim_glasses & groovynews

Imagine a world which people and events are drawn to like a moth to the flame. By some it’s considered the afterlife, and by others a station between dimensions. Whatever it may be, its unsettling mystery keeps you at the edge of your seat. You never know who you may encounter or what may happen. This is the Vortexx. It has swept you away from your home and deposited you onto unfamiliar grounds.

Unpredictable weather, untrustworthy food, and multiple strings pulled by imaginary fingers that make all who inhabit this world dance;

Your imagination is only the beginning...

A mysterious force has swept you away and you find yourself waking up in a completely different world than the one you have been in. It could have been after one's death, or perhaps during a good nights rest, or just simply in the middle of reading your favorite book. Nobody is aware of how or why they've arrived, or how to leave. All you have is a communication device at hand and to hope that you do not run into anyone or anything unpleasant...

Welcome to Vortexxworld.
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Founders/Owners: [No Longer Active]
apoorvajuneja & lirimaerea
Moderator Info:
kawaii_gaara [Aion-Mod]
Head Mod.
AIM: Pluuuuuuue
Direct E-mail: kawaiigaara@gmail.com

glitteringloke [Gunter-Mod]
AIM: EliteNinja009720

emi01 [Riff-Mod]
Taken Characters List.

herm_nefer [Yuuko-Mod]
Vortexxtimes sub community.
AIM: nefherms

E-mail address for all mods: vortexxworldmod@gmail.com
Special thanks to Loke, Emi, Fade, and Madi
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide